Russel System

Russel Trading system focuses on learning to trade from the previous experiences .Majority of investors have their past experiences full of poor trading, whatever went wrong is reviewed and analyzed to get the correct way of doing the right move, testing the resistance to restoration, and then in the long run it can become a success. Great economists say when it is done repetitively; bringing resistance down, each and every time it gives good returns. So the success lies in up-rooting the cause and not the problem.

Trading can be too good to improve, but it can improve based solely on stock market momentum until either the economy slows from its already stagnant condition. This can be learned from Russel system which is used as e –mini future, based on small-cap stocks. Small cap stocks give individual investors an advantage over large scale investors. This is because large scale investors tend to make large block purchases. Small cap stock investment is significant and make purchase known to public and inflates the stock price.