Stock Quotes

Stock Quotes are prices of various stocks as quoted or displayed on an exchange. A normal quote shows the bid and ask price, last traded price and volume traded.

Investors prefer accessing Stock quotes from their internet enable devices such as smartphones instead of print media. Although, even the online portal quotes are delayed. For a number of online sources who provide real time quotes information, they require users to subscribe at a fee.

Image Courtesy of: Investopedia

Column 1 and 2 show the week’s high and low trades of the stock.
Column 3 shows the Company Identity and the type of stock. It is here that investors can see if it is a common stock or the different classes available.

Column 4 is the Ticker Symbol that identifies the specific stock.

Column 5 displays annual Dividend payment Per Share. In case it is blank, that means the company does not pay dividends.

Column 6 shows the percentage Dividend yield or return

Column 7 shows the rice or earnings ratio

Column 8 shows the volume of shares traded in the day

Column 9 and 10 shows the high and low prices of the day

Column 11 shows the last trade when the trade closed.

Column 12 shows the Net Change which is the value of the stock price from the previous closing price.

Yahoo Finance is a good example source of Stock Quotes.