Stock Market Tips

Stock Market Tips are many and over the years professional stock traders have come up with tips, Dos and DON’T’s that are of much help to both advanced traders and beginners. The list below will highlight some of the most helpful tips that will see even a beginner making the right moves even from the first trade:

1) When new in the Stock Market, start small and be prepared to make small losses or gains as you learn the system.
2) Learn the basics of cut loss by making a stop loss orders. Always cut loss at most 8% below your purchased order price.
3) When learning anything, including Stock trading, be persistence and never get discouraged by the results that did not favor you.
4) Be aware from the beginning that learning to trade in Stock is not an overnight thing. It requires a patient and effort to become successful.
5) Use the right broker. Choosing a broker who is registered and offers all the services that you require. Check their track record and reputation is good. If possible use their discount offers when making deposits.
6) As a beginner, before committing your hard earned money into Stock Market, use a demo account to learn the system using virtual money from the broker’s platform.
7) While learning, avoid volatile investments such as options, foreign stocks and futures. Instead concentrate on few quality stocks.
8) Another rule is to never get emotional with your trades. Follow your instincts and conscious and never allow emotions make you change your mind.
9) Keep a record of your Stock trades and analyze them so that you learn from your own success and mistakes.
10) Learn about the market influence. Stocks’ prices never go up or down by accident, there are key players who or which get involved and affect the price either upwards or downwards.

Additional to the above Stock Market Tips, learn the vast terminology in the Stock Market industry. Apply what you learn in relation to your trades.