Stock Market Analysis

Stock Market Analysis or simply stock analysis involves the process of evaluating the stock prices as an instrument, the sector or the entire market. Stock analyst try or attempt to determine the future behavior of the stock market. The two types of stock market analysis that exists are the fundamental and the technical analysis.

Fundamental analysis focuses on the data from financial records, market data and company assets. Technical analysis on the other hand focuses on the study of previous or past market performance to predict the forthcoming price.

It is through the study and evaluation of previous and current data that investors and traders try to get an edge in the market by making a more accurate decision.

Stock market analysis has been known to make improvements in trade results compared to those who do random movements in the market.

Stock analysts are professionals who have specialized in predicting the future market prices through a wide study of past and current information. Alternatively traders can use software but they are prone to errors as they are not updated on the most recent economic changes and trade patterns. October is a bullish month and we expect to see prices and expiry prices and options rise to fair value.