DIA ETF, SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF provides investment results before the real investment, and corresponds to the general price and yield performance of the DJIA. While this information is provided, ordinary brokerage charges apply. DIA ETF can move up or down with the value of index. ETF shares are available for buy or sale through brokers. But they cannot be redeemed by individual Fund. Those who have them, tender them for redemption through FCUA or the Fund Creation Unit Aggregations only.

The Ticker symbol DIA is usually available for short term trade, options are also allowed. Most companies offer free insights and newsletters as a subscription service. However, to give a more serious thought into where your money is, it is preferred to subscribe to paid services. DIA ETF can be profitable investment especially for long term purpose where there are regular dividends along side the long term profits.

DIA Fact sheet are usually issued by the ETF official providers although the information is not guaranteed to be accurate or timely.