OEX is the normal ticker symbol used to identify options that are traded on the Standard and Poor’s 100 index. They are listed with a code, usually a letter, indicating the month for puts and calls and another for indicating strike code, The strike codes prices that have less than five points use three letters to show the group of the 100 they are trading for.

Trading in OEX S&P 100 began on October 2000 while the iShares trades of S&P 100 began in February 2001. OEF or the S&P is an exchange fund that exclusively trades at CBOE. The investments results that yielded corresponds to the price and performance, that is before any fees or expenses of the S&P 100 index.

The S&P index is a subset of S&P 500. It is used to measure the general performance of a large cap company in United states. This index usually comprises of the major 100 blue chip companies without using any category or groupings. The individual company stock is listed with an index constituent.