Rydex Trading

Rydex Trading is used to offer investors a leveraged equity, inverse equity funds as well as fixed income. It is through brokerage hoses that investors get the Rydex mutual funds. This type of trading offers over 140 investments products made and tailored to fit a variety of market conditions. They are also common providers of retirement plan options.

In the year 2010, Rydex and security Global Investors combined to the current RydexSGI. In 2012, SydexSGI was acquired by Guggenheim Investments and the company manages over $151 billion assets.

Rydex ratings show that the expense ratios to mutual funds are above the average, including the taxable bond funds and domestic stock funds. This is contrary as Rydex Trading offers investors options to match the market condition they wish, which does not balance the bond and stock funds.

Investors at Rydex Trading market do the following: When they are uncertain and cannot predict the future market, they can shift their funds to a “safe” that protects them from equities market movement. When they are sure that the market direction, they pull their investments into work funds so that they can benefit from the market.