NASDAQ 100 Trust or the ETF that trades in the index consists of 100 most active trades of non financial stocks. This is also known as the quadruple Qs or the cubes. It is simply written as QQQ.

The QQQ NASDAQ is a great way for investors to trade in the technology industry for a long term purpose. This is because it offers a broad diversification across various business types and companies in the market cap. The symbol QQQ was adopted in the year 2011.

This acts as a tracking symbol for various stocks or ETFs in the list of 100 popular companies by trade. Therefore QQQ NASDAQ is simply the track identity used to show the various stocks in the 100 lists. It gives an easy identity to monitor and choose for the investors. Every stock has a code or identity that makes it unique from the others. This process of naming is different depending with the stock market used. For New Yolk Stock Exchange, the individual stocks have a different code which is not similar to this.