or GTS is a free source for Trading Systems and Metatrader indicators. It gives a clear review of common systems and trading methods.

GTS is a great way to analyze and get to know what to use to make money and what to ignore in the online trading venture. It helps investors become better traders. Using their services is easy to design an effective trading system.

It is through that system owners submit their products or users suggest of system they want reviewed. In return, the website allows them to include a point of sale link as a form of advertising.
• A decade of POST-RELEASE profitable performance – affirmative there have been losing periods/drawdowns (all systems have them), however
Andromeda & Pegasus continued to perform needless to say. They didn’t end up to be simply another new promoting sensation that fell apart
and poor down a few of years once release!
• Fully Disclosed / whole clear Systems: No black boxes, locks, needed keys, passwords or something of that nature. All rules
and commercialism logic totally disclosed and completely explained in plain English. you’ll recognize and perceive the logic and reasons behind
each and {each} trade signal. ASCII text file is additionally totally disclosed. Trade Station ASCII text file is totally visible in TradeStation’s development
environment. In summary: you’ll recognize the maximum amount because the developer – nothing command back!!
• Multi goods Systems: Trade fruitfully across a various spectrum of markets. Same rules and parameter values applied to any or all
• Non-Optimized: Use very same rules / logic and parameter values across all markets.
consistent with in sample ones, and currently confirmed with virtually a decade of post-release consistent performance.
• Simple systems with easy set of rules with few parameters: This will increase chance of strength – the probability that future
performance are going to be just like theoretic historical take a look at results. raise verity specialists – simplicity is best!
• Adaptable for varied account sizes: totally different counseled portfolios recommended for various account sizes while not considerably
altering proportionate returns on a proportion basis. Small, medium, massive and skilled size accounts will all be listed with identical
• Easy to trade: All orders, each entry and exit orders ar dead on subsequent daily bar / next day’s commercialism session – no have to be compelled to monitor
the markets throughout the day.
• Totally interchangeable commercialism Logic: No bias towards long or short trades and might go short even as simply as long.
• Use finish of day daily bar knowledge: is used with knowledge from close to any seller that gives reliable finish of day daily bar data.

• Can apply Position size / cash Management: totally adaptable for commercialism multiple units and using close to any Position
Sizing / cash Management formula. See our examples wherever an easy fastened halfway cash management formula is applied. This results
in exponential growth versus linear growth in your account.
• Tested and Verified by Futures Truth, associate degree freelance third party entity dedicated to testing and following commercialism systems. we tend to suggest you acquire a

private opinion letter on Andromeda & Pegasus from Futures Truth, in conjunction with their take a look at results on our systems.
Futures Truth is reached via phonephone at one (828) 697-0273 (U.S.).
• Un-correlated to the stock market: commodities & currencies ar hot, and can seemingly continue within the predictable future. good way to
diversify your investments. may also go short even as simply as long.
• Broker Assist programs available: See our Broker Assist page on this web site for information.

PLEASE NOTE: User Manuals ar on the market at no value and while not having to get. Please visit the transfer Free User Manuals
page on our web site for transfer directions.

Thoughts to Consider:
• Drawdown Analysis: all systems undergo drawdowns (losing periods), however several systems focus solely on profit potential and minimize attention to

drawdowns. an in depth drawdown analysis is important for it’s throughout the drawdown periods that a system is actually tested. what is more, once examination 2

systems aspect by aspect, drawdowns should be as equally necessary as profits (if not more). instead of examination systems primarily based alone on profits, they must be

compared supported profit to most drawdown ratios. what is more this could be done on identical portfolios consisting of the precise same markets, tested

over the precise same fundamental quantity afNo curve fitting. Out of sample testing resultsnd with the precise same deductions for commission & slippage applied, i.e. all criteria underneath the precise same conditions.

Only then are you able to get a real “apples to apples” makes the maximum amount cash as System B, however conjointly incurs double as massive a most

drawdown, then essentially each systems perform identical supported profits to drawdown ratios, thus in terms of proportion returns they’ll be identical,

however System A would require double the maximum amount capital to start out with thanks to the larger drawdowns. therefore remember drawdowns! Any sensible system can embrace a

detailed drawdown analysis.

• Consistency of Equity Curves: mere numbers don’t seem to be enough! keep in mind the recent spoken communication that “a image tells one thousand words”. Equity curve pictures ar

essential for they’ll show however consistent or “steady” the system’s performance really is. Absent associate degree equity curve you do not recognize if most of the system’s

profits were created on solely a couple of trades on a couple of markets over a couple of years and therefore the remainder of the time performance was flat or negative. Some uncommon market

conditions or things might have bestowed themselves in bound markets over a specific fundamental quantity which was once all the money was created. The

problem is that such uncommon things may an extended time to appear or ne’er happen again! thus evaluating systems absent associate degree equity curve is soliciting for

trouble. associate degree equity curve reveals plenty regarding verity nature and performance of the system. what is more, whereas no equity curve are going to be an ideal straight

line, the drum sander the equity curve is that the higher, i.e. the smaller its peaks and valleys ar the higher. The drum sander associate degree equity curve is that the additional

consistent the system’s performance is. do not even take into account systems while not initial inspecting the equity curve. If no equity curve image is provided walk


The submitted product or system is analyzed and used by the GTS group of experts who then rate it according to what it does in relation to what it claims to do. This give an objective side of the trading system so that any trader can get access to only the best out of their trades without much risks.

GTS also has additional features such as updated market news and reports to inform traders and assist them make better trade choices.