Collective2 is a system that allow investors choose from a collection of trading methods that will see you trade automatically from your trading account.

The best system to trade should be:

-The one with an easy to use interface
-Have a wining percentage of 70 or more great returns in the last 90 days
-Cost effective
-Easy to subscribe and unsubscribe when necessary
-Have a good rating and feedback from other users

One advantage about Collective2 system is that it allows traders to be in control of trade size. You decide how much to trade and watch the system open and close trades automatically.

That does not mean you cannot trade with the system, you can also open and close trades adding to what the system has decided to do. All trades are in real time or live. That is what makes the right automatic system effective.

Most of the common broker companies support collective2 systems although checking with the service provider is advisable. Use of automatic systems to trade is a high risk activity and traders should not put what they cannot afford to lose.