Forex or FX is the market where currencies are usually traded, it can be anywhere in the world. Forex is the most popular market with an excess of 1.9 trillion dollars traded in a day which include all currencies from all countries.

With that, it is clear that there is no specific place for trading Forex. It can be done over the counter (OTC) from anywhere 24 hours a day in a week. Foreign Exchange market is not dominated by any specific company but it involves, companies, banks, individuals, brokers and central banks. It is the buying and selling activities in the market that later the prices with those with most money influencing the direction most.

Every person, company, government or organization uses the Forex Market with a number of reason;
-Central banks mainly get involved due to policies made or changes
-Individuals may want to make profit
-Most brokers act as the intermediaries and are in business, although they do so under the Broker’s ACT.