Some of the trading rules for the very successful BOB DYLAN system are for sale. There are 9 main rules (long and short) which are very easy to follow. The percentage success rates of the rules are:

92.5% 92.1% 85.3% 80.6% 83.6% 84.4% 88.0% 78.8% 84.1%

There is also a set of seasonal rules which have an average 84.1% success rate.

The system has traded live and has had many subscribers for 17 years (since 2000). It has been independently verified on for 7 years. BOB DYLAN is the longest running successful trading system on – the web’s best site for independently verifying trading systems.


Chart - 10

Please direct questions to: sp500tradingsystems1 at gmail

Payments can be made with a card via Pal Pal. (You do not need a Pay Pal account)
US bank transfer is also possible.