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15 years successful track record of trading the S&P 500 (SPX). The system is called BOB DYLAN SP500 and is independently verified on

  • Signals are sent end of day (occasionally intraday).

  • The system takes a maximum of 2 positions either long or short, trading usually only one position.


View the 15 year track record. (Excel file)

View the independently verified track record on (trading emini S&P500 futures)



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Bob Dylan Is a Solid System

There are periods of low activity, but that is fine since it is better to set on the sideline than lose money. I prefer the high probability trades that Bob Dylan provides.


The Most Stable Trading System

It is the most stable trading system I have ever traded. Bob Dylan doesn’t trade a lot, but almost all the signals are issued just on time.


Bob Dylan Is An Exceptional System

He is a very disciplined trader who won’t put a trade on until the time is right I paid for 2 years subscription with the profits from my first trade I highly recommend this system


A Great System

This is a great system, in the sidelines waiting for the moment to jump in and it have been doing it for a while already !!


Excellent System

Over the past year, I’ve subscribed to about six systems here on C2 and Bob Dylan has performed the most consistently for me. It went through a few months without a single trade, and that was a little frustrating. However, when it did trade the results were excellent and more than made up for the subscription fees. The developer seems to know what he’s doing, and enters the market only at the most opportune times. Based on this past year’s performance, it’s one of the few systems I’ve tried that I feel confident “setting and forgetting”. So-far-so-good.


A Rare System

I have 20 years experience with timing the market. It is rare to find a system that has discipline. This system went 6 months without a trade. With most other systems, the author would get impatient and tweak the system to generate more trades. Bravo. And, I have been trading automatically and have found the fills to be accurate with the system. Also rare.


I Recommend This System.

Although the system trades infrequently, all 4 subsequent trades have made a profit. Quite laudable! I’ve placed an automatic stop-loss of $2,000, but haven’t had to “invoke” it yet. I recommend this system.


Awesome system!!!

Although it doesn’t trade much, it handily beats the market & just about everything else out there. With an 11 year track-record, this is a proven money-maker over time!


Consistent Moneymaker

A rare consistent moneymaker (trading futures) on Collective2, with a solid 2 year record. Due to the nature of it’s buy oversold/sell overbought strategy, it does get into some deep drawdowns on occasion, so if you can live with the drawdowns, I would strongly recommend this program.


Nothing Similar To This System !

I chanced to visit this system provider website on Nov/6/2009, the website has a simple message Are there any better systems of this type out there? I have not been able to find any but if you can let us know. Till date my search continues,


Encouraging Results

With a brief experience so far, I can give no better evaluation perhaps than that I have my money with this vendor. His communication is timely and forthright. And much appreciated. Above all, RESULTS are encouraging!


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